Giant PLANET3 101

Giant PLANET3 101

For Giant/Yamaha e-bikes a dual planet configuration is mandatory and the device will ship as such. If you try to run it with a single planet there will be speed sensor errors in lower gears since the speed that the bike will be reading is very very low (real speed divided by ~3 since that’s the ratio of the single planet device). Imagine climbing in 1st gear and moving at a real speed of 4 km/h up something really steep with a cadence of 80 rpm. The bike would be reading a speed of 1,32 km/h and the computer knows you don’t have a gear ratio on the bike that’s tall enough to be pedaling 80 rpm and moving at that speed – hence it flashes some lights and errors at you. Dual planets halve the ratio of the device to ~1,513 so that the speed in low gears is kept higher and closer to “real”, but at the same time the assistance speed limit is lowered to 1,513x normal. This is usually ~38 km/h/23,5 mph for EU specification bikes and most users find it plenty. However, if you don’t really climb very steep stuff or muddy/loose conditions where you’d be likely to have some wheel spin, and you stick to tarmac or fire roads for your climbing in a gear higher than 4th; then you could be fine with a single planet and a higher speed limit of ~76 km/h (especially for bike park days). You’re welcome to test each configuration for yourself and stick with what works for you. However, be careful to remove the external position checking magnets after verifying that the internal ones are at 180° “exactly“.

eTracker Boost end cap replacement

You’ll need two 17mm cone wrenches to remove the original and replace with the end cap that I send. That is – if the braking side is the one to come loose first. If the drive side becomes loose instead, then it’s a bit of a hassle: you’ll need a cassette tool and chain whip to remove the cassette, remove the drive side end cap, get a 12 mm allen key (rather huge), stick it in the internal axle to hold it in place, then undo and remove the braking side end cap, then use Loctite to re-fit and tighten the drive side while holding the other side with the aforementioned 12 mm allen key, then finally fit the braking side replacement end cap (it’d also be a good idea to Loctite the threads since these were usually loose on every eTracker hub that I touched, which was 5 of them). Since you probably don’t have a torque wrench with a crow-foot extension, tightening torque to use goes like this: tighten until snug, then another 30-45° (One pizza slice! The 1/8 at that, fatty).

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