Installation instructions


Let me start of by saying the following: Please, pretty please – DON’T rush through this because you want to ride your bike RIGHT NOW. Set aside a full hour (or more) to watch all the videos that are relevant to your particular bike, don’t skip through them, don’t ignore things that I say or ways I show you how to do something. Everything is there for a specific reason and no matter how competent of a mechanic you consider yourself to be – BELIEVE ME, you are not unless you’ve spent a large amount of time assembling gearboxes made of plastic. PLANET3 is a rather simple device and for the intended loads and use – it will work forever IF installed properly; but it requires a very precise gap between the two main parts which should NEVER be in contact. A rather large number of people who proclaim themselves to be qualified auto mechanics, electrical engineers, architects, bike mechanics (especially), car restaurateurs and airplane technicians – have gotten this wrong and required a replacement. Perform the “empty device test” and make sure everything is seated flush and perfectly parallel. If you do this, I guarantee you a SUPER NICE experience with your PLANET3 as I’ve had mine transferred from bike-to-bike on 3 bikes with more than 9300 km of trouble-free riding. It’s really not complicated, you just can’t be a heavy-handed Thor who’s used to working with a hammer and expect a miracle from a plastic device that doesn’t handle friction well.

2019-2021 Specialized Levo (Gen2)/Levo SL/Kenevo (Gen2)
2021 Specialized Levo Comp CenterLock
2020 Specialized Creo SL (& Vado SL for those with upgraded wheelsets)
2017-2020 Specialized Levo/Kenevo (Gen1), Vado, Como & Levo HT
2018-2021 Rocky Mountain PowerPlay (Altitude & Instinct) 6-bolt hubs
2019-2021 Rocky Mountain PowerPlay (Altitude & Instinct) CenterLock hubs
2020-2021 Giant Reign/Trance E+ Pro 6-bolt hubs
2020 Giant Trance E+ 2 Pro & 2021 Trance X E+ 2 and 3 CenterLock hub!
Hope Pro4 Boost hub end cap replacement
Hope Floating brake rotor instructions

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